We offer our consulting and support:

  • Concerning challenging chemical syntheses and chemical-technical as well as biological processes and issues

  • Concerning the planning, development and realisation of audits
  • Concerning the preparation of specific market analyses, feasibility studies and economic efficiency calculations

  • Concerning the mediation of European and Asian companies/finding reliable collaboration partners

  • Concerning the expansion into the Asian market especially into China and India

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We offer further know-how and expertises:

  • Particle and sample analyses as well as evaluation and appraisal of measurement results

  • Execution of scientific studies, researches, evaluations and research projects in close collaboration with our academic and business cooperation partners

  • Introduction and mediation of detailed knowledge concerning the scientific field of mechanical process engineering and especially, particle technology, contact mechanics, storage and flow of particulate solids and discrete element method with the main topics

You may find a useful survey about unit operations in particle processing here.

We offer further services in collaboration with our partners:

  • Logistics and transport handling

  • Import and export clearance

  • Storage of your chemicals

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You are interested or have further queries? Please kindly do not hesitate to contact us directly.